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O Melhor do Rock em 1992

Neste post, continuarei a série de playlists abordando o rock separadamente por anos e nesse chegamos ao ano de 1992. Nele, podemos ver vários álbuns que foram destaque da década, como os primeiros do Rage Against The Machine, que conteve alguns dos maiores sucessos da banda e do Stone Temple Pilots que também é recheado de sucessos do grupo, além do segundo do Alice In Chains que fez a banda ser mais conhecida mundialmente, entre outros. Veja abaixo uma playlist que fiz com algumas das melhores músicas do rock nessa época e mais alguns álbuns de destaque.

Músicas contidas na playlist:

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name
Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack
Alice In Chains - Them Bones
Alice In Chains - Would ?
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
Stone Temple Pilots - Crackerman
The Black Crowes - Remedy
The Black Crowes - No Speak No Slave
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
Pantera - Walk
Pantera - This Love
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Dream Theater - Another Day
R.E.M - Everybody's Hurt
R.E.M - Man On the Moon
Blind Melon - No Rain
Nirvana - Aneurysm
Nirvana - Sliver
Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses
Iron Maiden - Fear of The Dark
Iron Maiden - Wasting Love
Green Day - Welcome To Paradise
Green Day - Christie Road
Ramones - Poison Heart
Ramones - Strenght To Endure
Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You
Ugly Kid Joe - Cat's In the Cradle
Eric Clapton - Layla
Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven
Soul Asylum - Runaway Train
Faith No More - Easy
Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
4 Non Blondes - What's Up ?
4 Non Blondes - Superfly
L7 - Pretend We're Dead
Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You
Lemonheads - Mrs. Robinson
Sonic Youth - 100%
10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days
Roxette - Queen of Rain
Pavement - Summer Babe (Winter Version)
Kyuss - Green Machine
Black Sabbath - Computer God
Black Sabbath - TV Crimes
Joe Satriani - The Extremist
Joe Satriani - Summer Song
Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song: In the Forest
Def Leppard - Let's Get Rocked
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense (Parts I & II)
Roger Waters - It's A Miracle
INXS - Beautiful Girl
Neil Young - Harvest Moon
Elton John - The One
Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy
Mudhoney - Suck You Dry
The Jesus Lizard - Puss
Manic Street Preachers - Motorcycle Emptiness
Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
Stone Temple Pilots - Wicked Garden
Stone Temple Pilots -  Dead & Bloated
Alice In Chains - Rooster
Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole
Alice In Chains - Angry Chair
Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up
Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy
Rage Against The Machine - Bullet In the Head
R.E.M - Drive
Faith No More - A Small Victory
Dream Theater - Under A Glass Moon
Pantera - Mouth of War
Pantera - Fucking Hostile
Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth
The Black Crowes - Sometimes Salvation
Nirvana - Dive
Nirvana - Been A Son
Green Day - 2,000 Light Years Away
Bon Jovi - Dry County
Bon Jovi - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Iron Maiden - Be Quick or Be Dead
Ramones - Spiderman
Lulu Santos - Apenas Mais Uma de Amor
Engenheiros do Hawaii - Ninguém = Ninguém
Cássia Eller - Hear My Train Coming

Álbuns de destaque:

Stone Temple Pilots - Core
Alice In Chains - Dirt
Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
R.E.M - Automatic For The People
Faith No More - Angel Dust
Dream Theater - Image and Words
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction
The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
Def Leppard - Adrenalize
Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun
Nirvana - Incesticide
Green Day - Kerplunk
L7 - Bricks Are Heavy
Nine Inch Nails - Broken
Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Honey's Dead
Pavement - Slanted & Enchanted
Sonic Youth - Dirty
Sublime - 40oz. to Freedom
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Iron Maiden - Fear of The Dark
The Cure - Wish
Blind Melon - Blind Melon
Roger Waters - Amused To Death
Peter Gabriel - Us
The Lemonheads - It's a Shame About Ray
Neil Young - Harvest Moon
PJ Harvey - Dry
Morrissey - Your Arsenal
AC/DC - AC/DC Live
Queen - Live At Wembley 86
Joe Satriani - The Extremist
Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer
Manic Street Preachers - Generation Terrorists
Screaming Trees - Sweet Oblivion
Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience
Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union
Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Extreme - III Sides of Every Story
Asia - Aqua
Tool - Opiate
The Offspring - Ignition
The Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In the Future Head
INXS - Welcome To Wherever You Are
The Jesus Lizard - Liar
4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More !
Babes In Toyland - Fontanelle
Mudhoney - Piece of Cake
NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs and A Bean
Ramones - Mondo Bizarro
Bad Religion - Generator
Ugly Kid Joe - America's Least Wanted
Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond

Rock Brasileiro:

Engenheiros do Hawaii - Gessinger, Licks & Maltz
Viper - Evolution
Cássia Eller - O Marginal
Nenhum de Nós - Nenhum de Nós
Inocentes - Estilhaços

Anos Anteriores :

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