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O Melhor do Rock em 2005

Neste post, continuarei a érie de playlists abordando vários anos do rock and roll separadamente. E aqui, chegamos ao ano de 2005. Nele, foram lançados alguns álbuns e músicas que ficaram marcados nos anos 2000, como o debut da banda Wolfmother, o "Get Behind The Satan" do White Stripes que trouxe alguns sucessos da banda,  System of A Down que lançou dois álbuns também contendo alguns dos clássicos do grupo, entre outros. Veja abaixo algumas das melhores músicas de rock dessa época e mais alguns álbuns de destaque. No final da postagem, você pode conferir outras partes dessa série.

Músicas contidas na playlist:

Wolfmother - Woman
Wolfmother - Joker & The Thief
The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
The White Stripes - My Dorbell
Queens of The Stone Age - Little Sister
Queens of The Stone Age - In My Head
System of A Down - B.Y.O.B
System of A Down - Hypnotize
Foo Fighters - Best of You
Foo Fighters - DOA
Oasis - Lyla
Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away
The Rolling Stones - Rough Justice
The Rolling Stones - Rain Fall Down
Audioslave - Be Yourself
Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot
30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie
30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill
Paramore - Pressure
Paramore - Emergency
Stereophonics - Dakota
Weezer - Beverly Hills
Weezer - We Are All On Drugs
Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country
Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day
Dream Theater - The Root of All Evil
Dream Theater - Panic Attack
Korn - Coming Undone
DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames
The Darkness - One Way Ticket
Priestess - Lay Down
Robert Plant - Shine It All Around
Robert Plant - Freedom Fries
Paul McCartney - Fine Line
Paul McCartney - Jenny Wren
Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day
Bon Jovi - Who Says You Can't Go Home
John Mayer Trio - Who Did You Think I Was
Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down
Nickelback - Photograph
Nickelback - Animals
The Fray - How To Save A Life
3 Doors Down - Let Me Go
Disturbed - Stricken
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
Epica - Blank Infinity
Epica - Solitary Ground
Billy Idol - Scream
LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations
Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
Wolfmother - Dimension
Wolfmother - White Unicorn
Coldplay - Fix You
Coldplay - Speed of Sound
System of A Down - Question !
System of A Down - Lost In Hollywood
System of A Down - Lonely Day
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Dream Theater - These Walls
Queens of The Stone Age - Burn The Witch
Foo Fighters - Resolve
Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and The Harlot
The Rolling Stones - Streets of Love
Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday
Pitty - De Você
Pitty - Memórias
Pitty - Na Sua Estante
Pitty - Déjà Vu
Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity
Kiko Loureiro - Enfermo
Los Hermanos - O Vento
Los Hermanos - Morena
Capital Inicial - Love Song One
Capital Inicial - Anúncio de Refrigerante
Shaman - Innocence
Shaman - More
Cachorro Grande - Você Não Sabe O Que Perdeu
Cachorro Grande - Desentoa
Charlie Brown Jr - Ela Vai Voltar (Todos os Defeitos de Uma Mulher Perfeita)
Charlie Brown Jr - Aquela Paz
Matanza - Wide Open Road
Massacration - Metal Milk Shake
Massacration - Metal is The Law
Massacration - Metal Bucetation
Forgotten Boys - 5 Mentiras
Forgotten Boys - Just Done

Álbuns de destaque:

The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
Wolfmother - Wolfmother
Coldplay - X&Y
System of A Down - Mesmerize
System of A Down - Hypnotize
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Queens of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze
Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil
Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth
Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
Paul McCartney - Chaos And Creation In The Backyard
The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang
Audioslave - Out of Exile
Paramore - All We Know Is Falling
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie
Green Day - Bullet In A Bible
Stereophonics - Language. Sex. Violence. Other?
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
a-Ha - Analogue
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger
Weezer - Make Believe
Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution
Epica - Consign To Oblivion
The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute
Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day
Bruce Springsteen - Devils & Dust
LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem
Panic! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back
DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage
Korn - See You On The Otherside
Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree
John Mayer Trio - Try!
John Frusciante - Curtains
Nickelback - All the Right Reasons
The Kills - No Wow
Switchfoot - Nothing Is Sound
Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison
3 Doors Down - Seventeen Days
Priestess - Hello Master
The Fray - How To Save A Life
Billy Idol - Devil's Playground
Kamelot - The Black Halo
Supergrass - Road To Rouen

Rock Brasileiro:

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